Who We Are

The Family Banking Plan is a unique financial concept promoted by a dedicated group of independent agents located throughout the United States. We are committed to educating individuals and families 
about unique and powerful ways they can create wealth while eliminating 
debt and reducing risk in financial planning.

The Family Banking Plan involves not only a unique system of interconnected
 financial strategies that build wealth and eliminate debt, but also includes tax saving 
and reduction processes. It includes ways to safely leverage wealth and keep it in the family for future generations.

Trained Advisors

By having a properly trained and qualified Family Banking Plan Advisor, you can be assured that your plan will be structured just for you and tailored to your financial circumstances. Most financial advisors and insurance agents throughout the country have not been trained in this process and will often use the wrong product or the wrong structure. That single mistake could mean your ‘banking’ plan will never grow the way it should.

Our goal is to put you in front of qualified and trained individuals who are all using their very own Family Banking Plan policies. They know first hand what it takes to help you get started on the path to financial certainty!

Contact us for more information about how you can start your own Family Banking Plan!


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