Financial Certainty

You Finance Everything You Buy

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Understanding the Infinite Banking Concept

One of the reasons so many people get excited about the ‘Infinite Banking Concept‘ is that they finally learn at least one fundamental lesson about money. Have you ever noticed that so many advisors have these financial ideas in their heads, but can’t quite put them into words?

This is what seems to happen when it comes to learning the infinte banking concept. The fundamental element of the banking concept is simply that ‘YOU FINANCE EVERYTHING YOU BUY’. You are either paying interest to a financial institution, or if you pay cash, you are giving up the interest those dollars could have earned you.

The Banking Concept

If you lay down a credit card today to purchase an item, then you know that you will be paying interest on that purchase. If, on the other hand, you lay down cash to purchase that same item, your head seems to suggest that you are not paying interest. This way of thinking simply isn’t true.

Lost Opportunity Costs

If your cash was sitting in a 5% interest bearing account and you took that money out to purchase an item, then the finance charge was 5% (because you lost the 5% you would have earned had you not taken the money out of the bank). Sure it’s less than the 20% on a credit card but nonetheless, it is still financed. This concept is called ‘Lost Opportunity Cost’, being the money you lose if you choose to pay cash for a purchase.

Understanding this concept is the foundation for anyone to own and run their own Family Banking Plan. Whenever you buy something we want you to say to yourself, “I want to finance this through ME!” In other words if I am to pay interest or lose it, then I want to make certain that I finance everything I can through my own banking system. This way you can recapture and keep the principle, plus the interest that would otherwise have gone to someone else.

Become Your Own Bank and Stop Losing Money Now

By beginning your Family Banking Plan you will learn the infinite banking concept that will allow you to start taking control of your money and financial life. You will learn how to win the game of financing for yourself so you transfer as little as possible to the financial institutions that compete for your hard-earned money on a daily basis.

Reducing your Lost Opportunity Costs and limiting financial transactions that send your money to other people or institutions is one of the first fundamental principles of wealth creation.

Identify your Lost Opportunity Costs and learn how The Family Banking Plan can help you stop losing money! Take our FREE Cash Recovery Analysis by clicking here and begin taking control of your money today.

The Banking Concept Gives You Liquidity, Use & Control of YOUR Money!

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Why Banks and Other Institutions Want Your Money

Have you ever wondered why financial institutions like banks, mortgage companies, or stock brokers all teach you to put your money away for as long as possible? Lets look at that concept and see who the real winners are.

A financial advisor comes along and introduces the infinite banking concept to you, to be your own bank, and your answer is, “I want to put my money away for the long haul, get it to grow, and then have it for retirement.”

So, ask yourself, where did this idea come from that we should treat our money like a baseball: throwing it out there as far as possible, giving the complete use of that money to someone else, and then hoping they will give it back (with growth) 30 years down the road so you can use it during retirement?

Who REALLY Has Liquidity, Use, And Control of YOUR Money?

We all recognize that every financial institution on earth exists for one reason, and that reason is to make money and there is nothing wrong with them doing that. In fact, the entire goal of our sharing with you how to bank on yourself is to help you to make and keep more of your money. Logic would suggest that if a business says to you “give me as much of your money as you can, for as long as you can,” it is doing it because it will make MORE money.

Why Banks Love Long-term Releationships

What are the benefits to a financial company of having your money for a long time? The answer is they have LIQUIDITY, USE and CONTROL over all that money! They can use it while the depositor waits 30 years to withdraw it later in life.

We have all heard phrase like ‘cash is king’, and sometimes we even repeat those phrases. What do we mean when we say things like that?

The Numbers Tell the Story

Lets use a couple of numbers here to invite all of us to open our eyes to the truth. If you have $1.00 right now, you could ask yourself the question, what is the value of this dollar today? The answer is obviously $1.00. Lets assume however, that the inflation rate is 4% yearly. Simply stated, that would mean that every year, the value of every dollar you own would go down by 4%.

If you leave that dollar in your pocket for one year, the value of $1.00 (with inflation being 4%) would only be .96 cents. What it you kept that dollar in your pocket for 2 years? That $1.00 you have would only be worth about .92 cents. If you keep doing that for 10 years then the value of your dollar in the 10th year is about .60 cents. Why then, would financial institutions want as much of your money for as long as they could get it? They want to use your dollars when they are worth a dollar, rather than waiting 10 years when they are worth .60 cents. The financial institutions know the value of having liquidity, use, and control of your money.

Be Your Own Bank and Control Your Money

Our goal is to put you in control of your money rather than your money being controlled by others. Having Liquidity, Use and Control is critical to becoming your own banker!

Take our Cash Recovery Analysis! Discover how the Family Banking Plan and infinite banking concepts can put you in control of your money and take the risk out of your financial future.

Financial Fortune Telling WORKS!

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How The Family Banking Concept will make your Financial Future predictable…

What if you knew what was going to happen in this country during the next 3,000 days? With this knowledge you would be able to make better decisions about where to put money. You would understand why creating your own bank without taking on any risk can such a great financial tool. If we could actually predict the future based on facts we have available to us, how important is that for you to know?

Good news, we can actually make some predictions based on the demographics in our country. Between the years of 1946 and 1964, 80 million people were born. This generation is known as the baby boomers. Starting January 1 of 2010 the first baby boomer turned 65 and they will continue to do so at a rate of 10,000 per day!

What does this mean and how does this tell us anything beneficial about our financial future?

Look at this in CONTEXT, there are already 38 million retirees (more than we have ever had) in this country drawing Social Security and Medicare benefits. Over the next 20 years we will easily see that number increase to 50-60 million people. Where do we get the money to fund Social Security and Medicare?

According to numerous government sites, our unfunded liabilities for these future programs look something like this. 17 Trillion, yes TRILLION dollars in Social Security benefits, 35 trillion dollars in the drug prescription program for seniors and 75 trillion in Medicare costs! These numbers are scary and changes to these programs to make them work are not happening quickly enough.

This is not to scare you but to inform you that we can predict certain things about future economy based on demographics. We can show you how to make wiser choices with your money that will create tax benefits to you and provide you with a safe place to store money that is not subject to the loss the market WILL have.

“Knowing how to become your own banker…”

Knowing how to become your own banker can provide amazing peace of mind in the difficult times ahead. Learning the truths taught by The Family Banking Plan advisors is life changing when you consider where these demographic trends are going to lead.

Consider what knowing about demographics might mean to your children and grandchildren. Just imagine if you could outline clearly what the long term trends were for the next 20, 30 or even 50 years. Imagine how you might be able to guide your children? What if you and your entire family knew that by using the infinite banking concept, you would be completely in control of your own money, never again at the mercy of the traditional banking system.

If the next 3000 days is going to be anything like the government is admitting, we believe that you need a back up strategy, and part of that back up strategy is creating your Family Banking Plan.