Family Banking Plan


Banks make pretty good money, and they do it with no market risk. Have you ever noticed that banks really only do two things?

They receive deposits and they loan money. Everything else that a bank does is a function of one of those two simple activities. Think about it: you loan a bank $5,000 and they give you a 2% return. Then you go to borrow money for a car, and they charge you a 6% interest rate.

They loaned you your own money and even though there was only a 4 percent spread between your 2% return and your 6% cost, that spread is over a 100% return for the bank!   Most important of all is that once you gave the money to the car dealer, he put in back in the bank so that the banker has it to use again. That is almost like recycling money!

We teach people how to do the same things that banks do. Simply understanding how banks REALLY make

family banking plan

money, and being able to do that in your own life brings an amazing sense of financial freedom. The returns are high while the risk is minimal.

Banking is all about taking control of your financial life, instead of your finances controlling you. Once people begin their own Family Banking Plan, they see money for what it is, a tool to bless their lives and the lives of those they love.

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