Wealth Transfers

Creating Financial Certainty

Funding your Family Banking Plan™ by Stopping Wealth Transfers

There are many ways to fund your family bank. Wealth Transfers are most often where we look first. A Wealth Transfer is when we unknowingly and unnecessarily transfer potential wealth from our lives.

These transfers happen in many areas such as taxes, fees, finance charges, and qualified plans, just to name a few.

Our team of advisors can look at your situation and help you find where these transfers are happening.

We strive to help you fund your family bank without spending any more money than you are already spending on a monthly basis. We will not advise you to not pay for your golf membership, take your kids out of sports or dance and to not take your significant other out on Saturday nights.

We help you fund the Family Banking Plan™ without changing your lifestyle. *

*Unless you can’t afford your lifestyle!

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