Stop Wealth Transfers

Stop the Wealth Transfers and Begin Creating Your Own Bank…

Eliminating Wealth Transfers is Vital to Creating Your Family Banking Plan™

Everyday, we unknowingly and unnecessarily transfer potential wealth away from us. These transfers come in many forms and substantially inhibit our ability to reach our maximum wealth building potential.

In order to understand how wealth transfers impact our lives, we must first understand what a wealth transfer is, then learn to identify them in our own lives. Once identified, we can reduce or eliminate their effect on our wealth.

Wealth transfers have an associated cost that actually increases their negative impact. Wealth transfers carry with them something called, “Lost Opportunity Costs” (LOC). An LOC is in addition to the actual wealth transfer itself. It is all the interest or financial growth you could have earned in your lifetime on the money that was involved in the wealth transfer.

Wealth transfers come in many forms, some of which are very easy to identify while others are hidden from our direct view. Through creating your Family Banking Plan™ you will learn where these transfers are happening in your life and how to reduce or eliminate them!

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