The Concept

Overview of The Family Banking Plan™

The Concept’s Beginning

Some years ago Nelson Nash, founder of the Infinite Banking Concept introduced the idea that we can utilize certain financial products to become our own bank. Many have grasped the concept and are seeing the power of applying it in their lives.

Why Become Your Own Bank?

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The average American spends 34.5% of their income on interest alone! That means 34 cents of every dollar we earn is leaving our financial model and flowing to someone else’s forever. By creating your Family Banking Plan™ you will learn to be free from the traditional methods of financing through banks or finance providers. Through your own bank you will be able to redirect the principle and interest payments from financing institutions to yourself. Those 34.5 cents of every dollar leaving you will come back into your model to work for you!

Going forward we will have many opportunities to make money if we have cash on hand. Not only can we become independent from financial institutions, but also can have a safe place to hold cash that is 100% liquid. No qualified plan will give you complete liquidity without being charged penalties and taxes.

People want their money safe, they want growth but do not want to take on to much risk. They want to place money in tax deferred products and where possible tax-free distribution. There are very few places where this can be done.

The solution we offer is education on the financial products available to you, you need to understand how they all work. The Family Banking Plan™ is created by choosing dividend paying whole life insurance, only this product can offer someone everything they want when choosing where to store cash.

Get Started Today!

Getting started is easy. Make the decision that you want the help! Our Family Banking Plan™ advisors are ready to help you determine what is right for you!

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